Adventures of MFS_01

Telangana, like every part of India , treasures its indigenous handicrafts with deep rooted talent and creativity. The progressive government of Telangana supports and helps the crafts flourish through beautifully set up centres in the state. My love for handicrafts and the desire to nudge the roots of new crafts took me to the little village of Pochampally in the heart of Telangana.
The fresh air of the countryside, shaded patches of greenery and humbled little buildings perched across a huge plot created the campus which transformed bare cotton and silk yarn into colourful masterpieces of fabric.
Every little step of fabrication left our jaw dropping just a bit lower as we were awestruck by the amount of detailing and intense concentration that every step required. The joining of the threads, the creation of the design, the hand weaving and the intricate motif creating was done with flawless confidence by these un hailed heroes of the craft. Travelling 90 kms for their daily work, …

THE London Design Festival!

3-2-1…Doesn’t the countdown to big events always roll down faster? We are in a state of frenzy! I don’t know how this always happens, irrespective of how many hours and days and weeks may have been invested in meticulously planning, organizing, delegating and constructing! But it IS our BIG EVENT! Our little store with its big wings of ambition will be soaring over the oceans and continents to reach London- The Design capital of the world. It is amazing how one moment all the details feel overwhelming, but slowly and gradually how each team member contributes to bring some order to the chaos! Our store in Calcutta is busy putting together the finishing touches on soon to be launched products, packing , flying. In Hyderabad, we are trying to get all the logistics in order- tickets, baggage, backdrops, invoicing. Friends in London are trying to locally do their bit- Its an international affair all right!

Stories: Their's, ours and more stories behind My FUNiture Story!

My FUNiture story opened its doors in December 2015 with 3 distinct collections. Each of these collections stem from roots of distinct skill sets, traditions and each has something special to offer.

We started with The ARTISAN Collection- accumulating from the sea of talent that Bengal has.
Artists, master carpenters, craftsmen joined hands to render our collection with motifs, colours, strength and character. Little chairs and tables for our toddlers were born in the "Little collection".
The design grew with the needs of growing children and our animal collection adapted for the little adults who needed padded seats and armrests to supplement their longer attention spans.
Beds with FUN elements got us excited as we imagined the little red riding hoods opening doors to climb onto our "Enchanted Garden" bed! This collection allowed us to stretch our imagination into the minds of little learners who we imagined would enjoy the company of the elements of nature woven…

Lets begin at the beginning!

18 Months since My FUNiture story was born and many many more since it was conceived, but starting right at the start is the only way it makes sense!

MY FUNiture Story:
As an architect and mother, life changed for me with the birth of my daughter in May 2014. Along with wielding the architect's t scale, I had to don the mother's apron!
As I stepped into the role of designer for my daughter's room, I felt my passion unfolding: my passion for putting across fun, beauty, learning into the everyday life of curious innocent children. My intention was to create a room where every element, every surface reached out to her ever absorbing innocent mind,
teaching her something about the big beautiful world outside- a space where learning becomes passive and fun.
An area that teaches by just being there.
The innocent mind absorbs the colours, the vibrancy, different elements. Different textures and shapes all come together to weave enchanted tales.
Safety and freedom of movement is essen…